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Bishop's Waltham

Notelets for sale!!!

Packs of notelets have been produced in support of Friends of Teso (Uganda).

What are they like?

There are two sets of notelets, one containing five different views of Bishop's Waltham and the other containing five different views of Swanmore. Each pack comes complete with five envelopes.

To see the pictures on the Bishop's Waltham notelets CLICK HERE

To see the pictures on the Swanmore notelets CLICK HERE

Where can I buy them?

Currently they can be obtained as follows:

1- From Bishops Waltham Post Office - Bishop's Waltham notelets only.

2- At various Friends of Teso (Uganda) - See the Friends of Teso (Uganda) events page.

3- From Brian and Linda Huggett at 12, Chapel Road, Swanmore.

What if I can't get to one of the above locations?

Ring Brian and Linda Huggett on 01489 895676. We will deliver your notelets at no extra charge to anywhere in the Bishop's Waltham or Swanmore area (even just one pack!).

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