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Uganda Quiz

1. What is the name of the Ugandan President?

2. How many people are in Internally Displaced Personsí Camps in Northern Uganda?

3. In approximately which year did the Lordís Resistance Army (LRA) begin to terrorise the people of Northern Uganda?

4. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lordís Resistance Army (LRA). Which organisation has issued a warrant for his arrest?

5. Which current Anglican Church leader in England was born in Uganda?

6. Which Ugandan athlete was an Olympic gold medalist?

7. The proportion of adults living with HIV in Uganda in the early 1990s was 15%. Which of the following represents the current situation regarding HIV infection?

8. How much did it cost Friends of Teso (Uganda) to recently ship a forty foot container of desperately needed, donated goods and equipment from Bishopís Waltham in Hampshire, England to Soroti in the Teso district of Uganda?

9. Which of the following organisations is NOT an agency currently working to support the people of Uganda?

10. On safari in Uganda, which of the following animals would you NOT see?

Uganda Quiz © Friends of Teso (Uganda) 2009

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